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30, 40, and 67 Mb varieties now available at the most competitive pricing available anywhere! Email for pricing today!
  Consider The  CD-Card possibilities:
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The 40 Mb 80mm x 60mm Rink Card!
- Creative and "cutting-edge" technology
- Positions you well ahead of your competition
- Tremendous visual impact and high-tech appeal
- Less bulk/greater content than collateral pieces.
- Simple presentations to multi-media videos
- Highest probability it will be viewed by your client
- Less cost than a typical brochure!

The CD-Card is a self-running multimedia marketing tool by design but it can house just about any type of data a client might request. When inserted into a CD-ROM drive the CD-Card spins up automatically and loads the content embedded on the CD. Content can consist of PowerPoint presentations, full motion video, audio, HTML (Web), or any other combination of data.

The CD-Card is capable of housing fully functional websites save for CGI-BIN utilities and integrated SSL features (these functions are web based but accessible via the links on the CD-Card and the user's dial-up networking). The card can be programmed to allow users to interface with your corporate website and/or product catalog without the hassle of inputting your URL.

The CD-Card is not platform dependent, it operates under both Windows and MAC operating systems as well as most of the other popular operating systems on the market.

 Measurements - The size of an CD-Card card is 58.5mm x 86mm. This is the standard size of a credit card and will fit neatly into a wallet, filofax, purse etc. 

 Capacity - CD-Card cards hold up to 30MB - which of course can be a combination of executable programs, text, graphics, photos, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc. Through our experience we have found this is to be ample for presenting a concise multimedia showcase. 

 Printing - Your pricing on the CD-Card includes 3 color printing, but can be printed up to 5 colors! The creation of the actual  CD-Card card artwork can be handled either by ourselves or by you. If you decide to create the artwork yourself you MUST contact us to receive the artwork template guide. This will supply you with all the relevant print specifications. 

email cdsnow@cdsonic.com for a quote on any business card - please note your requirements in your subject line & state quantity in message.

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